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Terms of Service

Welcome to join IQQTV member! In order to protect your rights, please read all the following content before becoming an IQQTV member.:

Member Information
1.Before you become an IQQTV member, you must login and enter your personal profile.Please fill in correct information.If we find the incorrect information, IQQTV can suspend or terminate your membership.
2.If you want to change the member information,please make sure to go to the [service center] to correct your membership information.If no information maintenance or correction, members themselves are responsible for the loss.
3.In order to protect your rights, please keep your account and password safely.Do not disclose or provide to a third person to know,or lend to others.If there is any risk of loss, you should go to the [service center] immediately for modification, not to damage your own rights.
Member Rights
1.After joining the IQQTV members and having e-mail verification, you don't need to pay to watch our free videos.
2.Deposit a 30 dyas fee to watch the videos of entire website. After the expiration of the watching period, if you want to continue to watch videos, you need to pay this fee again.
Copyright Notice
1.All contents of this website, including trademarks, design, text, images, audio, video and all copyright are owned by IQQTV website.Any person who reproduces, copies or transmits in any form without the written consent of IQQTV, will be regarded as infringing IQQTV intellectual property rights. According to the law ,IQQTV can seek compensation.
2.IQQTV website does not fully review the content of the external URL linked to our website.We don't have any responsibility for the content of such foreign links.Users are responsible for the use of risk.
※IQQTV has the right to modify the terms of service.Revised terms of service will be posted on the IQQTV website.We no longer inform the user individually.

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